The Automation Firehose: Be Strategic and Tactical

The widespread adoption of test automation has led to numerous challenges that range from development life-cycle integration to simple scripting strategy. Just because a scenario CAN be automated does not mean it SHOULD be automated. Teams that adopt automation often rush to automate everything they can — the automation firehose. For those scenarios that should […]

How to Test Faster?

Software Testing often consumes more time due to the fact that software testers spend time on unnecessary tasks. Software Testing will be more effective if software testers learn to spend their time in the right direction. Test strategy needs to be altered to ensure that most important defects are reported in the early stages of […]

Building a Mobile Testing Infrastructure: What I Learned

Mobile is everywhere, and everyone wants a piece of it. All companies want to have mobile apps for their products, lots developers want to code mobile apps, and lots testers want to build awesome tests and frameworks for mobile apps… But, what about the infrastructure? Does someone want to spend endless days building a test […]

Modernizing Your Testing Approach

In this session, we will discuss a more modern approach to testing. Focusing on the Quality Engineer role, Melissa will define the role, show areas within the SDLC where the modern QA/QE can be influential, and present practical (and actionable!) ways to implement them. In addition, we’ll see what a modern testing approach looks like, […]

The Prominence of Performance Engineering in DevOps

As consumer facing digital applications are growing day by day, Non-functional aspects like performance , reliability & scalability are considered to be key important facets which drives user engagement & experience . When this needs to be assured in a fast paced aggressive Devops ecosystem for quicker TTM (Time to Market), A shift is required […]

Making the Move to Continuous Testing – 6 Key Considerations

Today’s modern development disciplines — whether Agile, Continuous Integration (CI) or Continuous Delivery (CD) — have completely transformed how teams develop and deliver applications. But in order to compete in today’s fast-paced digital economy, companies must also transform how they test. Successful teams know the secret sauce to delivering high quality digital experiences fast is […]

Advanced Performance Pipelines

A DevOps pipeline with CI/CD is for customers seeking to implement advanced development practices so that they optimize the planning, development, release and operations of modern applications. But how exactly do we instrument every step of that pipeline to harvest performance metrics and measures? How, when and with whom do we share information? How can […]

Even More Modern Teams and Strategies

Building on the past few years of this popular leadership session, I am often asked to offer some deeper illustration on the modern testing techniques and more detailed examples on strategies to employ them. Sure, we’ve talked about mob testing, but really, how do I get started and what are the gotchas. Of course, we’ve […]

Workshop: Test Automation with Postman

Listen to “Postman Automation Workshoppin with Joyce Lin” on Spreaker. Millions of people use tools like Postman to test their APIs every day. Some testers will use Postman to focus on frontend testing, backend testing, or anything in between. Some use Postman mock servers to isolate testing scenarios. Many testing roles require a minimum of […]