These are one hour demo of sponsors product and or service.

Sponsor Session: Continuous Testing Made Awesome with Sauce Labs

In the world of Agile and CI/CD, continuous testing is no longer a nice-to-have. It is a crucial piece of your software delivery pipeline to ensure that you are able to deliver your applications at speed, without compromising quality. However, with testing volume increasing at every stage of the development lifecycle, you can’t let test […]

Sponsor Session: Easy, Reliable, and Fast End-to-End Testing at Scale

Join Joseph Lust, a software engineer at mabl, as he shows you how to test the holistic quality of your web applications, from user experience to visual design to performance. mabl is a SaaS platform that simplifies end-to-end testing with a secure and scalable built-in infrastructure. With test data collected from all aspects of your […]

Sponsor Session: Ultimate Requirements & Test Management with SpiraTest

spreadsheets and documents? Do you have to juggle between separate tools such as Jira, Jenkins and Selenium to keep track of it all? Do you wish your requirements management, testing tools and defect trackers were all in sync? This session demonstrates SpiraTest – the powerful test management tool from Inflectra. SpiraTest is trusted by over […]