In this track you will learn the strategic and practical approaches to software testing and test case design, based on the underlying software development methodology.

Workshop: Conquer Testing with a Risk Analysis Strategy Workshop

The scope and complexities of software testing are increasing significantly as new technologies emerge, applications become more advanced, and users become more astute! The quantity of test conditions and test cases can make the process of testing overwhelming, especially when factoring in aggressive deadlines and a lack of resources. Utilizing a strategic risk-based analysis approach […]

Workshop: Software Design Patterns for Quality Engineers … and Then Some

What’s the definition of “best practices” for designing software? How about automation frameworks? … your API test strategy? … for your GUI tests? What does it mean to design and code a scalable application? The core to ensuring that you, as an automation engineer, or software engineer, are creating a well-designed program, e.g. framework, tests, […]

Use Cases for Requirements and Testing—Facts/Follies

Listen to “Get Right with Robin Goldsmith” on Spreaker Use cases are a highly-regarded technique for documenting requirements that has the added side-benefit of translating into tests. The concrete step-by-step use case format aids communication and helps avoid certain types of misunderstandings. However, widespread misinformation about use cases can significantly diminish their value. In fact, […]

Standing on the Shoulders of Testing Giants

There are so many wonderful ideas out there and amazing people doing amazing things in the world of software testing. The software testing industry has an immense amount of testing Giants. Many times, we get can get lost by focusing on one Giant alone or overwhelmed by the enormity of it all that we don’t […]

Workshop: The Big Deal on Modern Test Plans

Test plans have a bad reputation. There’s no beating around the bush. And perhaps they are deserving of a bad reputation. But software development has changed. We are Agile now! Test plans need to change as well. Do we need them at all? Perhaps not. If you do need a test plan, it needs to […]

Stacking The Automation Deck

Arranging the playing cards in a deck to be in one’s favor is called stacking the deck. Outside of card playing, we use the term more generally to mean arranging a situation to increase our chances of a favorable outcome. When it comes to automation endeavors, the meaning is no different. Specifically, we want to […]

Tracking Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing has its origins around the turn of the century (sounds historical doesn’t it) when one or two enterprising individuals dared to suggest that perhaps developing test scripts and executing them wasn’t the only way to test software. Fast forward to today where Exploratory Testing is a well-accepted practice that some individuals swear by […]

Making the Move to Continuous Testing – 6 Key Considerations

Today’s modern development disciplines — whether Agile, Continuous Integration (CI) or Continuous Delivery (CD) — have completely transformed how teams develop and deliver applications. But in order to compete in today’s fast-paced digital economy, companies must also transform how they test. Successful teams know the secret sauce to delivering high quality digital experiences fast is […]

Advanced Performance Pipelines

A DevOps pipeline with CI/CD is for customers seeking to implement advanced development practices so that they optimize the planning, development, release and operations of modern applications. But how exactly do we instrument every step of that pipeline to harvest performance metrics and measures? How, when and with whom do we share information? How can […]

Even More Modern Teams and Strategies

Building on the past few years of this popular leadership session, I am often asked to offer some deeper illustration on the modern testing techniques and more detailed examples on strategies to employ them. Sure, we’ve talked about mob testing, but really, how do I get started and what are the gotchas. Of course, we’ve […]