Keynote: Blunders in Test Automation

In chess, the word blunder means a very bad move by someone who should know better. Even though system-level functional test automation has been around for a long time, people still make some very bad moves and serious blunders. The most common misconception in automation is thinking that manual testing is the same as automated testing. And this thinking accounts for most of the blunders in system-level test automation. Dorothy Graham takes us on a tour of these blunders, including Testing-Tools-Test, Silver Bullet, Automating the Wrong Thing, Who Needs GPS, How Hard Can It Be, the Stable-Application Myth, Inside-the-Box Thinking, the Project/Non-Project Dilemma, and Isolationism. Different skills, approaches, and objectives are needed or you’ll end up with inefficient automation, high maintenance costs, and wasted effort. Join Dot to discover how you can avoid these common blunders and achieve valuable system-level test automation.

Automation Keynote Leadership
Location: Grand Ballroom Date: September 25, 2019 Time: 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm Dorothy Graham, Independent Consultant Dot Graham