Workshop: 10 Things your Stakeholders Need to Know About Testing but Don’t

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There are many fallacies and misconceptions about software testing that cause stakeholders, managers, and project team members to under-utilize and even mismanage testing. To make the most of testing time and resources, it’s important to be able to educate every team member about testing in a way that’s useful to them. Using examples from my own project experience, consulting engagements, and the classroom, I’ll share what I believe are some of the most common blockers to effective testing across the industry, along with suggestions and strategies for combating them.

Session Takeaways:

  • Learn how to educate others about testing in a useful way.
  • Be able to identify what different stakeholders need to know about testing.
  • Be able to identify the misconceptions about testing lurking in your projects.
  • Become familiar with industry standard thinking that may not be “best” for your project.
  • Learn how to address key things that block the best testing efforts.

Leadership Workshop
Location: Michelangelo B Date: September 23, 2019 Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm DAWN HAYNES Dawn Haynes