Workshop: Maximizing Testing Outcomes

In this unique Masterclass you will be exploring the impact of your personal thinking and your values in testing complex software, communicating results, and driving change.

Software cannot be tested to be right or wrong. Yet, we are challenged to deliver test results as absolute, objective truths. In the class, we will work with the assumption that testing influence others beyond the objective results. We see testing as a social, collaborative activity and treat the absolute and objective as terms for interaction, dynamics, and means to drive change and the context. We will work with your own motivations and perspectives on testing, and help you understand how it affects the values of your work and thereby the outcomes of development seen by the end-users, the market, and company stakeholders.

This masterclass is highly ‘experiential’ in the sense that you will learn from experiencing. It is imperative, that you are eager to participate in the facilitated, safe, and playful activities.

Workshop Takeaways:

  • We will offer you a management-perspective, and a philosophical perspective on testing.
  • You will be given the chance to use the two perspectives as tools or means to increase your understanding of the end-users needs, as well as your stakeholders.
  • You know how to test; we will train your ability to perform testing with significant outcomes.
  • The goal for us, is for you to experience a new sense of clarity, power, and virtuosity for action in your daily work.

Agile Leadership Workshop
Location: Michelangelo B Date: September 24, 2019 Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Anders Dinsen STPCon Anders Dinsen Ole S. Rasmussen STPCon Ole S. Rasmussen