“Where do new Performance Testers come from?”

This is just the question which lead to the creation of PerfBytes in 2012 by James Pulley and Mark Tomlinson. Using a combination of public failures and topic based shows, PerfBytes goal is to improve the foundation classes of knowledge for all members of the performance testing and engineering community. Shows have included interviews, technology discussions related to testability and scalability, product discussions, and examination of public website failures on the “News of the Damned” segments. The combination of humor, technical dialog and the host dynamics draws inspiration from shows such as CarTalk on National Public Radio, Alton Brown’s Good Eats and almost everything which involves a member of the Monty Python comedy group.

In 2015 Howard Chorney joined as the show’s third host. This was after a well-received improvisational sketch performed during the Fall 2014 STPCON live show. Combined, our hosts have over 70 years of hands-on experience in performance testing and engineering. Our expertise crosses broad areas such as network engineering, embedded systems, storage, telephony, database technologies, operating systems, development, project management, application architecture and ( of course ) performance testing. This complexity is reflected in the mix of show topics and the real-world examples used during the show.

As training budgets have been cut back quality assurance professionals have often struggled on where to turn for information and education related to professional development, particularly in the area of performance engineering. PerfBytes mission is to help fill that void, providing an avenue for continuous growth on a variety of topics. Some of our best shows come from topics which have been submitted by listeners. If you have a topic that you are interested in but has not yet been covered, let us know at Odds are at least one of the other 10,000 subscribers also has an interest in the same topic.

PerfBytes Live – STPCon Spring 2019:

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PerfBytes Live – STPCon Fall 2018:

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PerfBytes Live – STPCon Spring 2018:

Listen to “PerfBytes Live STPCON Spring 2018” on Spreaker.

PerfBytes Live – STPCon Fall 2017:

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PerfBytes Live – STPCon Spring 2017:

PerfBytes Live – STPCon Fall 2016:

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PerfBytes Live – STPCon Spring 2016:

PerfBytes Live – STPCon Fall 2015:

PerfBytes Live – STPCon Spring 2015:

PerfBytes Live – STPCon Fall 2014:

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