The future is here and PinkLion has unleashed the powerful benefits gained by leveraging artificial intelligence with machine learning. Businesses can pull more comprehensive customer feedback/reviews and effectively prioritize their testing efforts accordingly. These solutions help place technology teams in the driver’s seat to recommend impactful changes for both their organizations and customers alike. PinkLion partnered with to help enterprises automate core user experiences. QA teams everywhere are now able to release quality software faster than ever before. Co-Founders and recognized industry experts, Jennifer Bonine (CEO), Rick Faulise (COO) and Andrew Birkholz (CTO) are leading their new company with a combined total of over 55+ years DevTest experience. Together, they believe humans + AI + process = exceptional software.

Our Mission
Our mission is to bring Artificial Intelligence to the people and teams that build software. Together with humans and process, AI is a powerful tool that can be used to supplement, not kill, our jobs. At PinkLion, we believe empathy and design-thinking should drive the creation and implementation of AI for app teams around the world.

Sponsor Contact Details:

Twitter: @pinklionai
Facebook: /PinkLionAI/
LinkedIn: /company/pinklion-ai/
1600 West End Tower – 9th Floor
Utica Ave South
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Phone: 612-877-1464