Agile, Lean and DevOps: How We Got Here

The quick and profound departure from long-used traditional development to rapid delivery may seem as if it came out of nowhere. But these are actually the natural progressions from Lean practices long used in manufacturing. Lean Software Development (LSD) ideas have taken over development but are still not widely known. Understanding how we got to where we are today and what the real culture changes needed can have a profound impact on fixing wrongly implemented or bad practices. This seminar is designed to better understand modern development by understanding Lean and how we got here.

There are culture changes to go along with the process changes. These are often neglected since they require real change and take time. But they are what make the changes real and effective and not just lip service to, for example, collaboration and delivering customer value.

The idea is to fix the problems of rushed and bad adoption of these methods.

Most important here is the new understanding of quality and testing such as: team ownership of quality, quality at every step and shift-left testing. The new rapid delivery models have changed quality and testing forever.

Session Takeaways:

  • Learn some quality theory and history of movements that impact us today.
  • Discuss each Lean practice and see the places they fit in software development today.
  • Learn the culture changes that are supposed to be adopted to make the practices work.
  • Current SDLC: Agile/Scrum/Lean/XP/DevOps ideas specific to quality and testing.

Agile DevOps Leadership
Location: Queen Mary Date: September 26, 2019 Time: 10:15 am - 11:15 am Michael Hackett - Logigear Michael Hackett