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Michael Hackett heads the Training, Consulting, and Publishing Division. Michael has over two dozen years of experience with software engineering and testing in banking, securities, healthcare and consumer electronics. Michael is a Certified Scrum Master and holds a B.S. in Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. He has been a regular instructor at the University of California Santa Cruz and Berkeley Extension, Hong Kong Technical University, University of DaNang and Hoa Sen University and the Software Productivity Centre in Vancouver. His has trained teams in 16 countries. He has co-authored two books: Testing Applications on the Web and Global Software Test Automation.

Speaker Details:

Michael Hackett – Sr. VP, LogiGear Corp
Twitter: @LogiGear
Facebook: Michael Hackett
LinkedIn: Michael Hackett
Website: LogiGear
Blog: LogiGear.com/blog
Past Events: STPCon, VistaCon, IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering, VNITO Vietnam IT Organization Conference

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