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Angie Jones is a Senior Developer Advocate who specializes in test automation strategies and techniques. She shares her wealth of knowledge by speaking and teaching at software conferences all over the world, as well as writing tutorials and blogs on

As a Master Inventor, Angie is known for her innovative and out-of-the-box thinking style which has resulted in more than 25 patented inventions in the US and China. In her spare time, Angie volunteers with Black Girls Code to teach coding workshops to young girls in an effort to attract more women and minorities to tech.

Listen to “Testing the Untestable with Angie Jones” on Spreaker.

Speaker Details:

Angie Jones – Senior Developer Advocate, Applitools
Twitter: @techgirl1908
LinkedIn: Angie Jones
Past Events: STPCon, SauceCon, TestBash, SeleniumCon, Automation Guild, European Testing Conference, OSCon, StarEast

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