Troy Walsh

Troy Walsh is the national quality engineering Practice Lead and DevOps lead for Magenic Technologies. He started his career in the DevOps space as a Release developer, creating custom build, deployment and installation solutions. He later transitioned to consulting where he developed a love for test automation. Troy is a frequent blogger ( and and speaker (Twin Cities Test Automation Group, SauceCon, The Executive Leadership Institute and more) with a passion for test automation and DevOps.

Speaker Details:

Troy Walsh – QE/DevOps Practice Lead, Magenic Technologies
LinkedIn: Troy Walsh
Blog: Troy T Walsh
Past Events: STPCon, Getting more out of your automation with TestNG and ReportNG, Effective Selenium – Tips and strategies for getting more out of Selenium tool, Web service testing with .Net , Opportunity Cost of Automation in Software Development, Better Together: DevOps + Test Automation, Open Source Automation in a .NET World

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