Analyzing App Performance on Real Devices using Appium

This session will cover how to conduct performance tests for the most important customer-facing aspects of your mobile application on real devices. In the mobile world, customers judge the products they work with by the quality of their build, and an off-putting experience can lead to high rates of churn. Whether a native app or […]

Breaking Tradition – Moving from Waterfall to Scrum

The importance of software and web applications is increasing in our fast-moving world. Competition for people’s attention between game, work, and social media can be difficult. The ability to iterate quickly over new ideas and innovations is imperative! The life-cycle of your project can mean the difference between success and failure. Waterfall and Traditional Methods […]

The Power of ‘Why?’

It’s an important part of your job to bridge stakeholders’ needs and values into your testing. Listening to what stakeholders say is essential and asking good “why?”-questions that gets them talking is a powerful practice to grow your understandings of other people’s values so that you can test what’s “right” for them. In this session, […]

Workshop: Maximizing Testing Outcomes

In this unique Masterclass you will be exploring the impact of your personal thinking and your values in testing complex software, communicating results, and driving change. Software cannot be tested to be right or wrong. Yet, we are challenged to deliver test results as absolute, objective truths. In the class, we will work with the […]

Vision Boards – Project Your Goals

How do teams share their understanding on the common goals? It is either audio or visual. Recording each talk and storing them (tagged) is not the most effective way to share common knowledge. Sketching is not new to agile teams. We are taking it a step forward in the form of Vision Boards. Vision Board […]

Quality is a Team Sport

This presentation will focus on why introducing quality early in the development process is valuable for project teams. Concepts such as quality coaching, test ownership, benefits of manual and exploratory testing, and test automation pitfalls will be discussed. I will also explore why the whole team is responsible for quality rather than viewing quality as […]

Use Cases for Requirements and Testing—Facts/Follies

Listen to “Get Right with Robin Goldsmith” on Spreaker Use cases are a highly-regarded technique for documenting requirements that has the added side-benefit of translating into tests. The concrete step-by-step use case format aids communication and helps avoid certain types of misunderstandings. However, widespread misinformation about use cases can significantly diminish their value. In fact, […]

Workshop: The Big Deal on Modern Test Plans

Test plans have a bad reputation. There’s no beating around the bush. And perhaps they are deserving of a bad reputation. But software development has changed. We are Agile now! Test plans need to change as well. Do we need them at all? Perhaps not. If you do need a test plan, it needs to […]

Tracking Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing has its origins around the turn of the century (sounds historical doesn’t it) when one or two enterprising individuals dared to suggest that perhaps developing test scripts and executing them wasn’t the only way to test software. Fast forward to today where Exploratory Testing is a well-accepted practice that some individuals swear by […]