Understanding the business side of testing is as important as amplifying our approaches and techniques. In this track you will learn how to effectively lead diverse test teams, communicate with stakeholders, and advocate for testing.

Future Proofing Test Engineers in the Era of AI and ML

We’re all hearing the buzzwords of AI, machine learning, and next-generation testing. Does this mean that the days of traditional testing as we know and practice it are over? Eran Kinsbruner doesn’t think so. Join Eran to learn about the clear transformation happening toward smarter testing techniques and tools. These approaches drive better pipeline efficiency […]

Even More Modern Teams and Strategies

Building on the past few years of this popular leadership session, I am often asked to offer some deeper illustration on the modern testing techniques and more detailed examples on strategies to employ them. Sure, we’ve talked about mob testing, but really, how do I get started and what are the gotchas. Of course, we’ve […]

Workshop: Implementing Efficiencies within your SDLC

Imagine if you could add more time to your delivery schedule, where would you spend it? Although we can’t add more hours to our day, we can find time by discovering inefficiencies in our current SDLC management approach. Many of us feel like there is never enough time to complete everything we wanted in a […]

Keynote: A Tale of Testing the Untestable

Listen to “Testing the Untestable with Angie Jones” on Spreaker. *Feature*: As an advertiser on a given social media platform, I want to target the types of users that my ad will be shown to. Seems easy enough. Immediate tests that come to mind are around the advertiser being able to specify the types of […]

Successful Implementation of AI Driven Testing

Listen to “Your AI is Already Here with Kevin Surace” on Spreaker. In this session, we will dig into the 5 levels of AI-based autonomy, and successful integration of AI-based tests into large company DevOps cycles. Real user statistics will be shared on successes, but also the challenges seen during the implementation phase. With the […]

Workshop: Hands on with AI Test Generation!

Listen to “Your AI is Already Here with Kevin Surace” on Spreaker. Get absolutely hands-on and develop your first AI generated tests! You will interact directly with a system where everyone logs in and creates their own AI driven tests. You just need on-site wifi and your own notebook. You will get training, credentials, and […]

Testing Through the Ages

How long have you been in software testing? What was testing like when you first encountered it? How did the discipline of software testing get to where it is today, and where is it headed in the future? In this presentation, Dot Graham takes a look back at software testing from a personal perspective as […]

Keynote: AI is Coming…and It’s Already Here!

Listen to “Your AI is Already Here with Kevin Surace” on Spreaker. Artificial Intelligence is coming. To cars, to bots, to homes, and to your desk. How will AI impact our lives and our work? From software development to QA to how you get to work! What new jobs will be created and what skills […]

Keynote: Blunders in Test Automation

In chess, the word blunder means a very bad move by someone who should know better. Even though system-level functional test automation has been around for a long time, people still make some very bad moves and serious blunders. The most common misconception in automation is thinking that manual testing is the same as automated […]