Understanding the business side of testing is as important as amplifying our approaches and techniques. In this track you will learn how to effectively lead diverse test teams, communicate with stakeholders, and advocate for testing.

The Power of ‘Why?’

It’s an important part of your job to bridge stakeholders’ needs and values into your testing. Listening to what stakeholders say is essential and asking good “why?”-questions that gets them talking is a powerful practice to grow your understandings of other people’s values so that you can test what’s “right” for them. In this session, […]

Workshop: Maximizing Testing Outcomes

In this unique Masterclass you will be exploring the impact of your personal thinking and your values in testing complex software, communicating results, and driving change. Software cannot be tested to be right or wrong. Yet, we are challenged to deliver test results as absolute, objective truths. In the class, we will work with the […]

Vision Boards – Project Your Goals

How do teams share their understanding on the common goals? It is either audio or visual. Recording each talk and storing them (tagged) is not the most effective way to share common knowledge. Sketching is not new to agile teams. We are taking it a step forward in the form of Vision Boards. Vision Board […]

It’s All About the Peeps: Hiring (and Retaining) Great QA Teams

Today’s talent market is the tightest of all-time, with dozens of opportunities available for talented IT and QA professionals. Hiring managers are struggling to find the right people for their teams, but perhaps they just aren’t looking in the right places, or selling candidates correctly? tap|QA’s Kirk Walton will explain the processes to help managers […]

Quality is a Team Sport

This presentation will focus on why introducing quality early in the development process is valuable for project teams. Concepts such as quality coaching, test ownership, benefits of manual and exploratory testing, and test automation pitfalls will be discussed. I will also explore why the whole team is responsible for quality rather than viewing quality as […]

Workshop: The Big Deal on Modern Test Plans

Test plans have a bad reputation. There’s no beating around the bush. And perhaps they are deserving of a bad reputation. But software development has changed. We are Agile now! Test plans need to change as well. Do we need them at all? Perhaps not. If you do need a test plan, it needs to […]

The Art of Data: Where Does Data Come From

Listen to “The Art of Data with PinkLion.AI CEO Jennifer Bonine” With all the tools available on the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which ones might meet your needs and which ones will work best in your environment to create a high-performing team. Join Jennifer Bonine as she explains the relationship of the […]

Modernizing Your Testing Approach

In this session, we will discuss a more modern approach to testing. Focusing on the Quality Engineer role, Melissa will define the role, show areas within the SDLC where the modern QA/QE can be influential, and present practical (and actionable!) ways to implement them. In addition, we’ll see what a modern testing approach looks like, […]

Agile, Lean and DevOps: How We Got Here

The quick and profound departure from long-used traditional development to rapid delivery may seem as if it came out of nowhere. But these are actually the natural progressions from Lean practices long used in manufacturing. Lean Software Development (LSD) ideas have taken over development but are still not widely known. Understanding how we got to […]